Model: 0003.1022
Producent code: 0003.1022
Order fulfillment: 3 weeks

Universal AJC <-> AJD interface for cable processing machines.

- allows replacing discontinued AlphaJET C printers with new AlphaJET D series
- for two color applications (connection for 2 printers)
- converts serial communication (DB9 connector on a cable processing machine) to Ethernet TCP/IP
- supports various font styles and sizes
- seamless integration
- no modification to cable processing machine required

300mm (h) x 100mm (w) x 300mm (d)

DB9 (RS232) - Cable Processing Machine (connection for color A)
DB9 (RS232) - Cable Processing Machine (connection for color B)
RJ45 (Ethernet) - Printer (color A)
RJ45 (Ethernet) - Printer (color B)