Model: 0014.3015
Producent code: 0014.3015
Order fulfillment: 48 hours

Laser Window is a protection from YAG and FIBER laser systems for use in many industries.

That is a must for your new laser application! Make sure that the area around the laser and everyone else in the nearby is being protected from stray laser radiation reflections. This Laser Window is a perfect fit for YAG and FIBER lasers. It allows to see through window without being exposed to harmful laser radiation. Optical density of filtration - wavelenght 900-1200 nm appropriately to YAG and FIBER laser types.

Remember that wearing protective goggles is not enough to ensure operators' safety! This solution is a huge upgrade considering safety and ease of operating.

Technical specification of Laser Window for YAG/FIBER lasers:

Compatible wavelenght [nm] 266, 355, 1064, 2100, 10600
Optical Density [OD] 4<
Visible Light Transmittance [%] Standard 40
Antistatic Property (surface resistance) 1.1×1010 (JIS K6911)
Fire Retardant Class 2 fire retardant (JIS A1322)
Laser Window Dimensions [mm] 300x150x65
Laser Window Frame (material type) AISI304 stainless steel