Model: 0000.0246
Producent code: 0000.0246
Order fulfillment: 2 months
Producer: TEKA

The mobile filter unit type LMD 508 has been designed to extract and filter smoke and fine dust.

The system can be used in the electronics industry for the extraction of soldering fumes, in the laboratory area for the extraction of fine dust or for laser marking of different materials.

The contaminated air is sucked through a three-stage filter package and with a degree of separation of more than 99.95% cleaned. The third filter stage consists of activated carbon granules with a very large filter surface for absorbing gases and odors, so that the cleaned air is usually returned to the work area can.

The system is operated either via the touch display or via the SUB D9 interface. The suction power of the maintenance-free turbine can be adjusted as required.

Connection hose 5m included.


Volumetric flow [m³/h]: 320
Depression [Pa]: 21.000
Engine power (kW): 1,2
Supply voltage (V): 230
Connection frequency [Hz]: 50
Current consumption (A): 9,0
Automatic cleaning: manually
Filter control: automatic filter cleaning
Pre-filter: baffle plate
Hauptfilter: filter cartridge
Filterendstufe: Activated carbon filter
Separation efficiency [%]: > 99
Ansaugstutzen: 2 x DN 250
Sound level [dB(A)]: 65
Weight [kg]: 45
Width [mm]: 365
Depth [mm]: 501
Length [mm]: 740
Type of fan: Continuous running turbine